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Folklife Previews…now playing at your local Tully’s

May 11, 2010

Celebrate the upcoming 39th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival at your local Tully’s THIS weekend!  Two nights, two shows, four excellent performers.  Don’t miss it!  (And be sure to pick up one of our limited edition 2010 Folklife Festival Tumblers while you’re there.)

Olivia de la Cruz & Sam Russell and the Harborrats
Friday, May 14 | 6pm
Tully’s (Wallingford) | FREE!

Mark Ward & Tamara Power-Drutis
Saturday, May 15 | 6pm
Tully’s (Ballard) | FREE!

About the Artists:

Olivia De La CruzOlivia De La Cruz
The 20 year-old Chelan native is a passionate singer and guitarist, writing her first song at the age of 18. Cruz’s music reflects her life experiences of love and loss, attracting audiences with her old-soul demeanor, clarity of voice and wisdom of lyrics. Cruz’s songs continue to evolve from charming and pleasant to poetic and intriguing.

Sam RussellSam Russell & the Harborrats
Sam Russell, a Seattle-based singer/songwriter, describes his sound as a rock-n-roll casserole.  Since 2005 Russell has been recording a series of eight albums called The Blue Moon Bible. The project is a melting pot of musical styles primarily based in American roots-music and attempts to tell a story through song in a new way, outside the traditional “rock opera.”  This summer, Russell will perform around the Pacific Northwest with his band The Harborrats.

Mark WardMark Ward
Spokane-based Mark Ward surprises audiences with his gorgeous voice and melodic lines all while playing the guitar and kick drum.  Wards’ folksy acoustic sound is sweetened with his well-written, soul-driven lyrics. In 2008, Ward was a finalist in the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival’s national songwriting competition.  Little Lights, his debut album, was released later that year.

“When you’re one person with a guitar, you better have something compelling to separate yourself from all your like-minded compatriots. Ward definitely does — a magnetic, spine-tinglingly beautiful voice.” -Jeff Echert, The Inlander (Oct 20, 2008)

Tamara Power-DrutisTamara Power-Drutis
Seattleite Tamara Power-Drutis brings a unique voice to her songs of bruised egos and the vicious cycles of foolish love.  Her self-titled debut CD was produced at London Bridge Studios in Seattle (the same studio where platinum albums by Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were recorded).  A world traveler, her international experiences give her a fresh take on her favorite songwriting subjects: boys, bedrooms and big questions.