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We’re so thankful for Levi’s ears.

March 31, 2011

Homemade Goods

Pioneer of the Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, Levi Fuller, has been sharing the music he loves since 2005. And not only has he been sharing the music – he’s been documenting it – with homemade compilation CDs, complete with screen-printed artwork.

Levi Fuller

Levi says he started Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly with “the idea of shedding light on and creating a document of some of the wonderful music that was being made all around me, much of which without any fanfare, press, or radio play”. With a new compilation released every three months and a live show to support each release, Levi has built a strong force of musicians and supporters alike – this May will be the release of Ball of Wax, Volume 24! (Levi is currently accepting submissions for Ball of Wax, Volume 24 until April 11th).

Folklife will be teaming up with Ball of Wax to introduce our newest stage, Indie Roots at the Folklife Pre-Fest Party on April 22nd at the Columbia City Theater. Ball of Wax bands, Led to Sea and Corespondents will be joined by the Crow Quill Night Owls and Mighty Ghosts for a night of celebration, good music and friends. Get your tickets here!

Don’t miss the Ball of Wax showcase at the upcoming Folklife Festival, May 29th from 12:00 – 3:00 PM on the Indie Roots Stage featuring Levi Fuller, Shenandoah Davis, Joshua Morrison, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club and Pickwick.

April 22, Columbia City Theater


Weekend Events: Dec 17-20

December 18, 2009

Ball of Wax
Available as of Wednesday, Dec. 16th: Ball of Wax 18: One Minute Singles!

The CD features 45 songs that are between 1 and 2 minutes in length with such artists as An Invitation to Love, Tonjia Atomic, Brian Baillie, Bucks T4, Dandelion Gold, Levi Fuller, Seth Howard, LAPDants, Emory Liu, Garrett Kelly, Oldman Winter, Open Choir Fire, The Pica Beats, Daniel Salo, Mark Schlipper, Slow Skate, Thundercats Ho!, Virgin of the Birds, Webelos and Wesafari.

Pick up your copy today!!

Skeletons With Flesh on Them, Pillow Army, M. Bison, Jubilee

Check out Pillow Army!

Thursday, the 17th at the Sunset Tavern, 9pm, $7

Seattle chamber rock group Pillow Army blends traditional folk with dreamy indie rock- combining a tight rock rhythm section with tasteful and dramatic sounds from the cello, viola, and flute. Paired with the lush pop songs of M.Bison, this is a warm hot toddie waiting for you!

Karl Blau, Wet Paint, Slippers

Saturday, December 19th, 7 pm. at the Q Cafe

Come out to welcome Karl Blau home from his recent national tour with the K Records band LAKE. The eclectic solo artist from Anacortes has played in several bands over the years, such as D+, Brothers Blau, Captain Fathom and Your Heart Breaks and has collaborated The Microphones, Mount Eerie and Laura Veirs. Blau pulls from all genres of sound and blends it effortlessly with traditional folk songs that leave the listener in a blissful reverie.

Karl Blau play this Saturday at the Q Cafe