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Folklife Masters: Mirah & Kane Mathis

April 15, 2010

We’re proud to present Pacific Northwest indie-folk/rock legend Mirah and her frequent collaborator Kane Mathis for a special show this month at the intimate Empty Sea studios.  Between Mirah’s eclectic, folky background and sweet, clear voice and Kane’s mastery of instruments like the kora and the oud, this promises to be a memorable show.  Read more about the artists over at the Empty Sea site, and don’t forget to buy your tickets – these small shows sell out quickly!

Mirah & Kane Mathis

Folklife Masters: Mirah & Kane Mathis
Friday, April 23 | 7:30pm
Empty Sea Studios | $35


Thanks for Coming!

December 12, 2009

Last night’s Folklife Masters concert featuring bluegrass mandolin legend, John Reischman and up-and-coming Old Time music prodigies, The Romeros was a huge success! Thanks to all who came out to Empty Sea Studios.

We will post some pics from the evening later this week. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming Folklife Masters shows.

Weekend Events — December 11-14

December 11, 2009
Folklife Masters, December 11

Folklife Masters, December 11

Friday, December 11
Folklife Masters: John Reischman & The Romeros

Empty Sea Studios | Seattle | 8pm
$35 at door
4 amazing musicians come together to explore the common ground of bluegrass and old-time Southern music on mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass and beautiful vocals all around.

The Tallboys

Saturday, December 12
Dare To Be Square Evening Dance

Richard Hugo House | Seattle | 7pm
Calling from the famed Bob Dalsemer, music by The Tallboys and Small Wonder Stringband and lots of jamming!

Saturday, December 12
Pint & Dale Holiday Extravaganza

Haller Lake Community Center | Seattle | 7pm
$12 at door
Join well-loved maritime and folk singers William Pint & Felicia Dale, with special guests Tonia Opland & Mike Freeman.

Sunday, December 13
Black Nativity w/Pastor Pat Wright & Total Experience Gospel Choir

Intiman Theatre, Seattle | Ticket prices vary
A powerful portrait of the holiday season in gospel song and dance, Black Nativity is an uplifting and joyous celebration of the season.

Black Nativity

Sunday, December 13
Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur

Mississippi Studios | Portland | 7pm
$25 at door
Two giants of folk and jug come together for a fine evening of music and stories.

Folklife Masters, December 11: John Reischman & Trisha Gagnon

December 10, 2009

We’re excited about our next Folklife Masters concert this Friday, Dec.11 featuring John Reischman & The Romeros.  The Folklife Masters concert series brings together two groups of master musicians from different traditions for an evening of collaboration and inspiration (click here for tickets).

It’s an honor for us to host John Reischman at this Folklife Masters concert.  He’s a much-respected bluegrass mandolinist and band leader of the award-winning group John Reischman & The Jaybirds.  John brings a rich knowledge of the bluegrass tradition and a bold taste for composition.  In his solo career and in the Jaybirds he has consistently pushed the boundaries of bluegrass, delving into Latin music and jazz, while staying true to its deep roots in the old-timey music of the American South.  Listen here to his playing of a tune of his own composition from his album with The Jaybirds.

John Reischman

John Reischman (photo by Colin Goldie)

John Reischman & The Jaybirds: Deception Falls

Named after a scenic stop on the  Highway 2 across the Washington Cascades, this thoughtful instrumental tune reflects the serene beauty of John’s home, the Pacific Northwest.

Joining John Reischman is Trisha Gagnon (vocals, bass) from The Jaybirds.  Trisha has been with The Jaybirds since the beginning, debuting on their 2001 album and wowing audiences with her crystal clear voice, solid basslines and carefully crafted songwriting.

Have a listen to her dueting with John on the beautiful song “Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still.”  This chilling Civil War-era ballad brings to mind the hopeless plight of war and lost love.  As you can hear in this track, Trisha brings a perceptive beauty to all she touches. Her many roles in the band — vocalist, bassist, and song-writer — all are informed by the same personal, homespun touch.

John Reischman & Trisha Gagnon

John Reischman & Trisha Gagnon (Photo by Eric Frommer)

John Reischman & The Jaybirds: Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still

Folklife Masters, Dec 11: Jason & Pharis Romero

December 9, 2009

We’re excited about our next Folklife Masters concert this Friday, Dec.11 featuring John Reischman & The Romeros.  The Folklife Masters concert series brings together two groups of master musicians from different traditions for an evening of collaboration and inspiration (click here for tickets).

Jason & Pharis Romero will represent the the mountain ballads and square dance tunes of Appalachia, a tradition known as “old-time music”.  Jason Romero is a master banjo player, capable of ranging from a Zen-like groove to blazing aggression.

Jason & Pharis Romero

Have a listen to Jason’s playing of the traditional tunes Devil’s Dream and Last Chance.  He effortlessly moves around the melody, transforming two square dance tunes into instrumental music that transcends our expectations.

The Romeros: “Devil’s Dream/Last Chance”

Pharis Romero joins Jason on guitar and vocals, bringing a wide range of emotion in her singing and a love for the backroads of American traditional song.  Listen to this track of her and Jason dueting on the haunting medieval ballad Lowe Bonnie, the story of a spurned woman who stabs her lover to death.  Listening to their exchange in the man’s final moments will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

The Romeros: “Lowe Bonnie”

We’re excited to bring the Romeros down from Vancouver Island for an evening of trailblazing acoustic music.  Having recently formed their critically acclaimed group, The Haints Old-Time Stringband, the Romeros are about to embark on a national tour and have been lighting up old-time jam sessions on the West Coast for the past couple of years. In fact, check out this powerful old-time session led by The Romeros and Erynn Marshall at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes.

The Romeros will be joined in this Folklife Masters concert by bluegrass mandolin master John Reischman and bluegrass vocalist Trisha Gagnon to explore the common ground between their traditions.  Come out December 11 to Empty Sea Studios for an intimate concert unlike any other!  These artists are coming together just for this concert, so it’s your only chance to hear them together.