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Communities in Focus: Filipino community

April 28, 2010

From Community Coordinator Roger Del Rosario

Amy - StudyantinaWho is your community?  What can audiences at the Festival expect to experience at your showcase?

We represent the Filipino Community.  They’ll experience Philippine art through folk dance performances, music & songs, art & cultural exhibits, and a narrative panel on cultural experiences of Filipino-Americans in
Pacific Northwest.

How long has your community been involved with Northwest Folklife?  How did you first get involved?

I have been involved with the Northwest Folklife Festival since the very beginning through the Filipiniana Dance Company.  They have invited us to perform there almost every year.

How are younger or newer folks getting involved?

There are 5 groups performing at the Cultural Show with younger and some new dancers; the art exhibits will be by
two young artists from the Philippines, and the speakers at the Narrative Stage are young and new in accordance with the subject matter.

© Copyright Jal

© Copyright Jal

Three things you’d like people to know about your community and your cultural traditions and arts:

1. Regarding our cultural traditions and art:  It’s a mixture of Chinese, Arabic, Hindu-  Malayan, Spanish, and American cultures because of our history with their contributions through conquests and assimilations.
2. Family is the most important to us and our Roman Catholic faith where we draw our strength and moral values.
3. Filipinos are a proud people and sensitive to human needs, hospitable, and very friendly.

Filipino Showcase at the Northwest Folklife Festival
Saturday, May 29 | 3-5pm
Charlotte Martin Theatre