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Help Us Gather Northwest Stories!

January 5, 2011

Northwest Folklife has created a brand new YouTube channel to bring  you updates on the forthcoming 2011 Northwest Folklife Festival and to collect Northwest Stories. Here, let me explain:

Now get filming! I can’t wait to hear your story…

Tell Us Your Story…

July 21, 2010
Hawaiian Showcase

Photo by Daniel Atkinson, 2010

With the 2010 Northwest Folklife Festival just behind us, we’re already looking forward to 2011—our 40th anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, we’re beginning work on our next Cultural Focus: Northwest Stories, which will document and present the stories of people who live in the Pacific Northwest. And we need your help to bring this focus to life! Tell us what Folklife means to you. Do you have a favorite Festival memory? What was the first year you joined us at Seattle Center over Memorial Day Weekend? Did you meet someone special at Folklife? We’ll share these stories throughout the year and at the 2011 Northwest Folklife Festival, May 27-30.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Share your memories! Post your story to our Facebook discussion page and read posts from other Folklife fans.
  • Send us your story in an email! with the subject line “Northwest Stories.” We can incorporate your story into one of our blog posts. If you’d like to remain anonymous, we’ll honor that request.
  • Mail us your story in a letter! Northwest Folklife, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle WA 98109
  • Videotape your story! Make a video of you telling your story (get creative!) and put it on YouTube. Send us the link and look for it, right here on our blog.

Check back here as we post some of your Northwest Stories, and keep celebrating Folklife all year long!