Coal Miner’s Daughter: Tomorrow Night

I have never seen Coal Miner’s Daughter. I love Loretta Lynn, so I’m psyched to watch the movie for the first time tomorrow night at the Grand Illusion in the U-District as a part of our A Night for Folklife event series. The fact that a portion of the proceeds from the night go to support Northwest Folklife just sweetens the deal that much more. The added fact that in a special membership offer, you can join both Friends of Folklife AND the Grand Illusion Cinema for the reduced rate of $65, is almost enough for me to camp out in front of the theater to ensure I get in.

Here’s the trailer:

Clearly, this movie has it all: Sissy Spacek in an Academy Award-winning performance, a rags-to-riches storyline, great music and rhinestones. Lots and lots of rhinestones. Also, did you know that Loretta Lynn got her start right here in the Northwest? If you make it out to the show tomorrow night, we will tell you all about it!

Coal Miner’s Daughter at Grand Illusion Cinema

Thursday, November 4 | 6:30pm and 9:30pm

$12,  Seating is limited, so buy tickets early!

Take it away, Loretta:

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