Article on Empty Sea Studios in Victory Music Review

The Victory Music Review, our source for information on Northwest acoustic music, has an excellent article on Empty Sea Studios on the cover of its December issue.

Victory Music Review

Empty Sea Studios is the venue for Northwest Folklife’s new concert series, Folklife Masters.  We take full advantage of the venue, from its stellar acoustics and professional lighting, to the real intimacy of a 45-seat venue that puts you face to face with the performers.  Thanks to Michael Connolly’s hard work, Folklife Masters can provide a concert experience for acoustic music lovers who are tired of seeing their favorite artists in sub-standard venues.

Our next Folklife Masters will be held Friday, December 11 at Empty Sea Studios and will feature John Reischman & The Romeros.

Folklife Masters Pic

Listen to The Romeros’ sweet sweet banjo pickin’ and guitar strummin’.

Listen to John Reischman & Trisha Gagnon singing “Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still”


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